Vettai – The hunt for the entertainer begins!

Vettai – The hunt for the entertainer begins!

Watching “Vettai” was a good way to kick start this years Kollywood entertainment line up. The story of a mousy cop who takes a 360 degree turn to become a lion has been done many times in the past, but the screenplay of “Vettai” has a fresh take on this concept. The story of 2 brothers – one, a mouse and the other, a lion (I mean their personalities) and their hunt for two of the most feared gangsters in Tuticorin while findng the time to romance and jest around keeps viewers entertained through out the movie. Keeping in tune with M2M’s straight forward style of talking about movies here is a dose of why you should and shouldn’t watch “Vettai” (For all you non-Tamil speaking folks, “Vettai” translated in Tamil means “Hunt”

Reasons to Watch Vettai

  • Madhavan – Charming as ever! He may not quite look like the chocolate boy of the past but only an actor like him can make the role of a mousy personality charming! Also it takes a lot of courage and security for a senior actor of his caliber to tackle a role that is not as heroic as heroes of tamil cinema are intended to be. Hats off to Maddy!
  • Arya – This actor has come a long way. Here is an actor that looks good and can also act. He pulls of the personality of the courageous younger brother perfectly while taking care of comedy and romance.  He breezes through the action sequences and gets the full attention of viewers as he delivers savvy dialogues with the villains.
  • The chemistry between Madhavan and Arya – The viewer can easily imagine that these two could be brothers in real life (barring the super hero stuff of course)
  • Heroines Sameera Reddy and Amala Paul – They manage to look smart and their roles are not as dumb as is common with the roles of leading ladies in hero oriented movies. They make their entrance singing a song about the kind of man they want to marry and it was amusing to note that their list of demands is pretty similar to the ones that girls make these days!!
  • There is actually a story!! It may not be the most original or the most exciting or very obvious but its there…..
  • The absence of a comedy actor! The humor is beautifully interlaced with the rest of the story and the actors themselves take care of this aspect of this movie! It was definitely refreshing to note the absence of a Santhanam, Vadivelu or Vivek with separate tracks of their own!
  • The villain – Bollywood actor Ashuthosh Rana does a great job as he makes a splash on Tamil screens as the bad guy. He has great screen presence and pulls of the role of an urbane rural bad guy to the T! Looks like South Indian cinema has found another baddie from the North!!
  • The supporting cast of the movie is pretty good.
  • The songs were easy on the ears and choreographed well, though I couldn’t recall any of the songs once outside the theatre…
  • The action sequences were stylishly choreographed and balanced throughout the movie and absence of gore made these scenes more digestible. The last 15 minutes were a drag but this can be looked over!

Reasons not to watch Vettai

  • You don’t like any of the main actors.
  • You don’t like the influences of other cop movies while you are watching a cop movie! I thought some scenes were inspired by the Vikram starrer “Saamy”
  • You don’t like super hero stunts!! But then what Indian masala potboiler is made without this aspect??
  • You like “item numbers”  in the films you watch – this is blissfully absent in this movie!
  • You are the type that watches serious cinema

Verdict:  It’s worth the watch if you love total entertainers! Full marks for “paisa vasool” !!

Kudutha kaasuku nalla vasool 🙂




Honestly, I could not come up with a detailed review for this movie! This movie is like any other movie starring Vijay with the usual quota of songs, fight sequences, family sentiments, perverted villains…I think you get the idea. So here is something more straight forward if you are planning to watch the movie.

Reasons to watch Velayudam

  • You are a die hard Vijay fan! Lets face it! The guy dances like a dream and pulls of all the funny punch lines with a serious face
  • You are a sucker for “anna-thangachi” sentiments
  • You like Santhanam – honestly the man did not have much screen footage in the movie but still managed to hold his own
  • You want to kill a few hours of your day doing something senseless
  • You like cheesy songs that go “Chillax Baby”!!! Ughhhh…
  • You like action sequences which are insanely impossible and senseless murder!
  • You like pretty actresses who smile a lot and dance some and don’t do much otherwise. Btw their fashion sense is close to that of the junior artists gyrating in the back ground!!

Reasons not to watch Velayudam

  • You like movies with components like scripts, stories, asthetics etc., These components are blissfully absent in this movie
  • You think heroines should have author backed roles. Please see point 1. Since those components are missing, no matter what Genelia tells the papers none of the heroines have  different or strong character roles. But yes, she does manage to do a good job looking scared and helpless…great expressions! And love the Indi chick look….
  • You hate perverted villains – this movie is so full of them that it is disturbing
  • You like movies that have soulful music and like it when the songs stick to your head when you leave the theatre…all absent in this movie!
  • You are waiting for a “different” movie starring Vijay. I think you would do better to wait until the release of “Nanban”!

All said and done, the first half of the movie which is a mish mash of movies like Anniyan, kandasamy etc., is watchable / bearable. If you do intend on watching the movie please check in your brains outside the theatre!! In case you plan to wait until the DVD release, you should ask your brains to “Chillax” when you watch the movie!