Smooth Driving!

Finally I have something to re-surrect this blog which must have taken its inspiration from sleeping beauty and doze off until a handsome prince could break the curse! Only in this case there is no handsome prince, but just a crazy Chennai gal who doesn’t have much time these days to do much….Anyways yours truly came across this on the lovely over populated road routes of Chennai and couldn’t help but share this with folks out there…..

Chennai is known for its crazy traffic and reckless driving but then we all know that this is still one of the best cities when it comes to following some road rules (I know sounds terrible! ) But then when you spot something like this you are left speechless! Without more words here is what I am talking about – This is what I call smooth driving! How many of you can manage to pull this off???



Do Be Do Be Do

Nope! We ain’t humming the song from 3 idiots nor talking about its Tamil version “Nanban”! M2M wanted to share with you an interesting scene, straight from the streets of Chennai…Mufflers and scarves (??) not withstanding, we Chennaites now need bonfires to stay warm during the month of “Marghazi”!! It’s kinda surprising to think that you need to keep warm in a city that has “barely there” winters! Thanks to global warming! These two guys seemed contented warming themselves in front of their bonfire out side a cozy cafe!  Seriously it takes all types to make up this city and M2M was sorely tempted to sit with them, get warm and sing a few songs to ring in the new Year! Do Be Do Be Do Be rum paa rum…….

Bonfire on the streets of Chennai

We’d like to leave yo with a few wise words from the bonfire man:

To Do Is To Be

To Be Is To Do

Do Be Do Be Do

If you don’t have a clue, please check out the guy’s T-shirt 🙂

Happy 2012 folks!!

Note: The picture quality is just average as M2M was not prepared to take a nigh photo!