Toast it up in M Town!!!

It’s that time of the year again! Time to party party! As much as we are warned about the year 2012, we welcome it with the same enthusiasm and do we let go of a reason to party? Rain or shine, Chennai is all set to party this New Year Eve! And here I am listing out my favorite places that I think have the best party every year and this year too. Take your pick, enjoy your December 31st night, this year being a Saturday night, it can’t get more fun than this!

Since the cyclone and the rains have damaged any chances of hitting Pondicherry or even ECR for that matter, we can only hope the beach side and roof top parties, that are our personal favorites as people who reside by the Bay of Bengal, do happen this year. From what I hear, there is an amazing beach party in Fisherman’s Cove on 31st night (yes on the beach they say!), expensive though, its 10k for a couple net. The next best choice for resort hoppers would usually be MGM resort, mostly used to be a family thingie but this year they have a couple entry for 1500 or so which doesn’t include food and beverage. They do not have a party exactly on the beach, but there it is on a lawn by the beach with the view of course. Food Village on ECR does have a good package, its 2k for a couple with buffet and complimentary beer, plus the magician and fire shows, etc. to keep us entertained through midnight.

If you are looking to dance party, the best places in the city are obvious. Dublin in Park Sheraton and Pasha in The Park are the top choices, but hell yes expensive! Any place in The Park this year costs 6999 be it club-style party in Pasha or a romantic rendezvous in the city-view roof top Aqua. Some more places to shake a leg would be Geoffrey’s in Radha Regent I hear is just 1000 bucks this year [probably just the entry? ]And there is Zodiac Bar in Accord Metropolitan, Star Rock in The Spring Hotel and Blend in Taj Clubhouse, make your choice according to your budget but make it soon ‘coz I don’t think anybody is going to the beach this year and these places can get packed really soon.

Coming to the best part of any celebration, food! Every star hotel in the city is organizing a grand dinner buffet that extends up to midnight of course. They also have various entertainment for the guests like dance shows and games and gifts. Radisson Blu in St. Thomas Mount has two parties going on at Rs. 3300 per person inclusive of buffet and drinks, The Crown as well as Mainstreet in Residency Towers have packages from 3000 to 5000 for a couple with buffet dinner and unlimited domestic liquor. The Park has a dinner buffet that includes continental, Indian as well as Thai (601 and Lotus together) food! Yumm!! There is a midnight buffet in Burgundy, the most recent and most popular restaurant of 2011 in the city! They also have a package for 8500 that includes 31st night party and drinks for a couple plus Sunday brunch!

Last, welcome the new year with a lazy Sunday brunch 🙂 You can drive down to Seagull (1750 plus tax) or Upper Deck (2500 plus tax including unlimited imported liquor) in Taj Fisherman’s Cove or Cinnamon in Trident (950 bucks). The Farm in OMR has a special menu for the New Year lunch too. Alright now I guess that’s a whole list of places to think about and choose this year. I wish y’all have a blast this NYE and all through the year 2012!!


This guest post has been contributed by Swarna Barath who blogs at What’s Cooking Today and The Chennai Foodie

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The Wharf

Ocean spray, azure skies, balmy breeze, tropical sands, where are we? Greece? Maldives maybe? Wrong! We are in Madras, rather, about an hours drive along scenic ECR. Enter GRT Radisson temple bay and head straight for the shore, you will not be disappointed!

M2M has had the opportunity to visit the wharf quite a few times this year and the verdict is- this is addictive!!!

The wharf is a shack restaurant situated at the very edge of the GRT property and literally on their beach. Its primarily a seafood restaurant and from my very knowledgeable carnivorus friends, I hear that the seafood is pretty good. The fare for vegetarians is nothing great.

If you are looking for a variety of side dishes for the main course, then this isn’t your destination. There are a few dishes that are dry based. The roti’s and rice are served with two dhals. Other than this, there is the regular pasta on offer.

Dessert time!!

There is also a wide selection of cocktails and mocktails on offer. There are quite a few desserts on offer. M2M has tried the velvetti chocolate pudding. While it was not extraordinary, it definitely hit the right spot.

The great thing about the wharf is not the food or the service, it definitely is the ambience. Sitting under a straw canopy enjoying the breeze and pampering your senses, while gazing into the shore temple in the distance, mmmm you get the idea!

Even if you are not spending the weekend holed away in the resort, this is definitely worth the trip for a Sunday jaunt by the beachside

Kryptos Your Diet

Being a foodie certainly has a whole lot of benefits. It means instinctively finding yourself new avenues for gastronomy. Thus I found myself I Kryptos on a Sunday afternoon with family. This was not my first visit to the restaurant. Having been there twice earlier, I decided that I must try something different from the menu card.

WE started out with kremidopita. I must confess that I was attracted to the name more than anything else and thankfully the dish did not disappoint. “Greek onion and tomato baked tartlets with feta cheese”- mmm, honestly any blog space devoted to describing the taste save for ‘yummy’ will not do justice. Final verdict- must try!

Patates me Piperies

For the main course we ordered Revitho Keftedes Gyro, Gemista and Patates me Piperies. The revitho and the patates were instant hits, with the falafel and the taste of the cooked potato of the melt in the mouth variety. Special mention must be made for the accompaniments of the main course, especially the garbanzo beans stew and the potatoes tossed in lemon sauce. They definitely added a tangy zing to the taste buds.

Finally the desert. The fondant Sokolatas was indeed the piece de resistence. ‘Sticky Chocolate with Chocolate sauce’ reads the description. If sticky chocolate can melt on instant connection with ones taste buds, I’m not complaining! Exquisite and among the best desert on offer from any restaurant in the city.

A word about the ambience- dim lighting, soothing wood finish interiors. While the restaurant is not very large, they have intelligently managed the space to make it look inviting and generously comfortable. The staff is attentive.

Final verdict- I don’t know much about Greek Food, but this kind of greek sits well with me. Enjoy on a platter with dollops of fun sauce!